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Etiquette for Engineers celebrates year one.  Get your copy at

Firefly Consulting, LLC flies west this January to train Cal Poly SLO campus students about corporate etiquette.

Firefly Consulting, LLC launches new website.  Find services, training, blinks (client relations ideas) and contact information that will ignite your client engagement.

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When the "client" experience can tip the relationship in your favor, that experience has to be better than “good enough.” Firefly ignites those experiences, creating moments and memories that so delight, clients return time and again.

Firefly Consulting, LLC


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​​G.C. (Godfrey / Cordelia) Fund

Social Responsibility is important at Firefly Consulting, a part of our light.  A percentage of profits will be donated to organizations benefiting animal welfare.

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Why Firefly?​

For many of us, fireflies evoke fond memories of summer nights from childhood -- positive memories that so delight, we return to them time and again.  


Fireflies create flashes of light, blinks of inspiration -- and are akin to a beautiful dance, filled with the promise of thousands of new ideas.  

Creating delight and communicating a symphony of client focused solutions ignites Firefly Consulting.

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