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Ms. Kelly L. Harris

Principal and Chief Firefly

Firefly Consulting, LLC

​Photo by Carlos Rios

What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other?

George Eliot​

Ms. Kelly Harris did not want to go to kindergarten.  Not because she was afraid, rather, Kelly was worried who would greet the mailman every day (true story).

Today, Kelly shares much with that precocious five-year-old -- committed to personal connections. Now, she helps professionals understand how powerful connections can be to their bottom line. 

With 25 years experience in marketing and event management, Kelly excels at building relationships -- connecting people, finding solutions and creating experiences that so delight clients, they want to return time and again -- then guiding others to do the same.

 For nearly a decade, Kelly served as Lockheed Martin's corporate protocol officer for two CEOs and their leadership teams. Her marketing, customer relation experiences, and corporate events went global in support of revenue generation and social responsibility.  She earned several awards for her "micro" customer relations impact, including two of the organization's highest for teamwork regarding customer and employee relations.

 Prior to that, she worked at national trade associations, specifically the National Association of Broadcasters, which allowed her to expand from customer to member relations and events.

 Kelly started her marketing and events career at two corporate law firms, Womble Carlyle and Fennemore Craig, successfully focusing the partners on the bottom-line benefits of providing great legal advice, customer service, and social responsibility.

Kelly is a graduate of Northern Arizona University with her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, Marketing. She and her rescue dog, Cordelia, ignite in Northern Virginia.