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Flashes of Insight and Know How

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

Albert Einstein

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​​​​​​Blinks are flashes of cultural advice and how to's that can enhance your team's soft skills and global appreciation.  Afterall, there is nothing soft about losing millions in potential profits because someone offended the client in the first thirty seconds of meeting.


 Shake Shack Logic (10.12)

​​​​​​A recent interview with innovator and legendary restauranteur 
Danny Meyer has inspired me to create few blinks.  Focusing on the disnticntion between service and hospitality, Meyer emphasized the importance of both if you want your customer engagements to 
​"rise to the top".  While the tactical, hard skills  nature of service usually takes the director's focus, it is the intuitive empathy of hospitality that moves the audience.

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