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Continental Dining Etiquette 

Learn: rules of the table

Gain: confidence in social dining settings

Lose: distractions for you and them
 In a world where you don't know what you don't know, nowhere is this more evident than at the dining table.  Approaching a formal meal can not only be daunting, but distracting and potentially disastrous on the business relations front, here in the U.S. and abroad.  Firefly's training provides the formal dining basics in a hands-on, immediately implementable format.  Combining rules, tools, and a safe environment, your team will never again be distracted or distract from the business mission at the table.

Customer Relations in Social Settings (Small Talk)

​Learn: to focus on others, listen, enter and exit a conversation, what to ask and what to say when
Gain: confidence in your social skills and building true relations
Lose:  your fear and that taste of shoe leather in your mouth

In this training, teams learn to grow comfortable with soft skills, which can be essential to a client's willingness to hear about your hard product or service skills -- especially in a global business environment.  Firefly's overall brief focuses on the "basics" (names, handshakes, introductions, business cards), the "tough stuff" (handling people - including entrance and exit lines) and the "good stuff" (questions, listening, building that human relationship that can lead to trust and business success).

 Protocol and Client Relations 101
Learn: Global, acceptable/expected corporate etiquette
Gain: Confidence in customer engagements
Lose: Costly cultural missteps

This course breaks down the protocol necessary for successful client hospitality -- before (invitations, seating, gifts), during (handshakes, introductions, entering conversations, business card etiquette), and after (gratitude) the engagement.  Additional topics could include flag protocol, cultural understanding, and listening skills.​

 Presentations - They're All Just Conversations
Learn: a process to authentically convey the brilliant thoughts in your head effectively to your audience
Gain: comfort with this type of conversation

Lose: stage fright and fear of failure
Maintain your own style while strengthening skills and comfort levels by learning and practicing the basics: audience first, delivery techniques, and presentation planning.  This course also can serve as the basis for more targeted executive briefing prep work for specific opportunities.​


 Wine Appreciation for the Business Professional
Learn: the basics of wine appreciation
Gain: the ability to blend with wine aficionados
Lose: the social hangover of not knowing the right wine

This session was designed to help teams feel comfortable in social wine settings.  This course covers the following basics: selection and storage, ​tasting and appreciation, and navigation of the social elements.

 Gift Giving

Learn: how to select and present gifts that matter
Gain: clients who are delighted
mediocrity -- the belief that checking the box is the same as giving one

This course covers internal and external gifting -- that is memorable and a true differentiator.  Whether in the U.S. or abroad, gifting can be a meaningful part of building relationships -- when done properly.  From the sentiment to the meaning to the item itself, usually it is not the money that makes a gift count.  

 Middle East Protocol 101

Learn: The cultural who, what, why, where, when and how of this amazing region

Gain: A greater cultural appreciation and understanding 
Lose: Missteps that can harm the relationship

During this two hour, interactive training, your team will explore the differences and similarities between cultures.  From religion to time, attire to titles and forms of address, and hospitality to negotiations, this comprehensive overview has been approved of and praised by subject matter experts as a great foundation.


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